These pencils work perfectly on eyes, lips and brows for a deep colour that's gentle on your skin.


Choose from 13 different shades.


  • 10% organic and 100% from ingredients of natural origin. 
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Palm free
  • Net weight - 1.17g

Makeup pencil - Zao

  • Eyes

    Use eye pencil for emphasis, applying it to the edge of your eyelids close to your eyelashes. Draw a line as thick as you like, starting from the outer corner and working inwards. Blend the line on your lower eyelid to make it less intense and more balanced. If you're tired, do not wear makeup on the lower eyelid, which can accentuate dark circles. Appy eye pencil before eye shadow to help set your makeup.



    Use your pencil to draw your lips before applying lipstick to prevent smudging. Use a little powder to fix the line for extra staying power.



    Brush your eyebrow hairs up or down and use the pencil to redraw them, following the natural direction of your hair. Directed down, they give a certain "languishing" to your look, whilst directed up, the look becomes more "chic“.

    If your face is oval, choose eyebrows with natural curves. For round faces, increase the angle to "break" the roundness. If your face is long, choose long and slightly accented eyebrows. Finally, if your face is square, make sure you set a "soft" curve to soften facial features.