Inside this winter box is our selection of some of the best changes you can make to reduce single-use plastic and waste in your life. These are great for someone who is at the start of their journey to living more sustainably and will help them make a great start - as well as enjoy from the outset some brilliant products that won't cost the Earth.


Inside this gift box

  • A bamboo toothbrush designed by us. Bamboo is grown without pesticides and makes a great replacement for plastic toothbrushes. Choose from our positive messages, engraved on the handle, to help you start and end the day in a mindful way.
  • An organic shampoo bar in your choice of scent. Switching from bottled shampoo to bars is a big step in reducing plastic and your hair will feel softer and in better condition for it afterwards. This is well worth it!
  • A set of handmade bowl covers from Tabitha Eve. These are a biodegradable alternative to cling film to help you keep your food fresh. With all the cling film you ever used still in existence or incinerated, this is a change you won't want to go back from.
  • Your choice of our chunky soap bars. We use these to wash body, hands and face too - this is one product that will save countless plastic bottles in your life.
  • A pair of stainless steel reusable straws and a cleaner. This is the classic change and no less important to reduce plastic pollution and protect our wildlife - all while enjoying a delicious glass or two!
  • A coconut fibre scrubbing pad. This is a clever alternative to yellow and green washing up sponges which aren't recyclable and leak microplastics. Made entirely from coconut husk, use this pad when doing the dishes - it'll eventually break down into nothing but plant material which you can compost.


Our Winter gift boxes are available all of January and February, while stocks last.

Winter 'resolution' gift box

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