Make your own delicious tiger nut milk at home with this kit containing an organic cotton milk-making bag and a starter bag of tiger nuts from The Tiger Nut Company. Instructions included.


Tiger nut milk or horchata, is a brilliant and healthy drink that originates from Spain. The tiger nuts can also be used in cooking or eaten as a snack (soak them for a few hours before till they soften).


The milk bag is a great piece of equipment for making any kind of plant-based milk or juice. The fine mesh means your milk will be silky smooth and the edges are reinforced for squeezing. This bag is easy to clean, quick to dry and will last you a long time.

Tiger nut milk kit from The Tiger Nut Company

  • Simply soak the tiger nuts for 24 hours in water in the fridge. Then drain, and pop into a blender with 400mls of water, blend until thick and creamy – then strain. It tastes delicious and creamy just as it is – but if you want a more authentic horchata taste just add half a date and a pinch of cinnamon and blend with the milk.


    Don’t throw the pulp! It is pure and delicious fibre and zero waste - which you can add to porridge, or yogurt or bake into biscuits. You can also use it to make…


    Chocolate and orange protein balls

    Process the leftover pulp with;

    ½ orange – skin included

    2 tablespoons coconut oil

    2 tablespoons raw cacao powder

    1 tablespoon chai seeds

    A few cashew nuts

    1 teaspoon linseeds (optional)