Otter candles are each hand blended and poured into clear glass jars. Made from soy and coconut wax and scented with essential oils and paraben-free fragrance oils, these candles are a generous size to softly light and add fragrance to your evenings.


Choose from the following scents:


Orange & Honeysuckle - Floral, uplifting and unashamedly sweet

Peony & Pomegranate - Light, fruity and floral

Pine & Blackcurrant - Fruity with deeper wood notes evoking early autumn

Pumpkin & Cinnamon - Like a pumpkin pie gently cooling on the windowsill

Freesia & Pear - Flowers and fruit for a sweet aroma

Coffee & Hazelnut - The warm scent of a bustling café


Otter candles are handmade by Amber in Lincoln. Each candle comes in a clear jar and will burn for roughly 25 - 30 hours.

Soy candles - Otter Candle Co.

Choose your candle
  • When lit. keep it going until the top layer of wax has melted all the way to the edge of the jar. By doing this, you'll prevent your candle from tunneling and you will also get the most scent from your candle if you allow the burn pool to reach the jar.

    Before each burn, it is necessary to trim your wick to around 1/4 of an inch which encourages a much cleaner, brighter burn and keeps the wick in check.