Whether it's a half cut onion, melon or bowl you need to cover, silicone lids make a great alternative to single-use cling film for preserving fresh food. They're easy to clean, airtight and can even store liquids without leaking.


This pack contains 6 silicone lids in different sizes, to fit anything from an orange to a mixing bowl. Each pack contains a 20cm, 17cm, 15cm, 12.5cm, 10cm and 7cm lid.


Silicone is an alternative to plastic that's made from sand (silica), oxygen and other elements such as carbon and hydrogen. Our silicone is certified food grade by the FDA. Unlike plastic, silicone will last much longer and won't break down into microplastics either in your food, or in nature. It isn't biodegradable, but easily recycled. If your local councill doesn't recycle silicone, you can send any worn out bowl covers back to us and we'll ensure they are.

Silicone lids - set of 6 - Authentic House