Investing in a reusable cup you'll love and use is a great way to cut down on disposable coffee packaging.


These coffee cups are made by Neon Kactus from recyclable glass and silicone. Glass is a great material for storing hot drinks as it's less permeable than plastic, meaning you can enjoy your coffee and tea without any of the residual taste you might experience with a plastic reusable cup. With a silicone band, these cups are tough and have a splash-proof lid, making them particularly useful when navigating a crowded office or drinking on the go.


Designed with coffee shops in mind, these cups are the same size as a Costa 'primo' or a Starbucks 'tall' cup, and fit easily under any coffee machine. Each coffee cup measures 12oz and is BPA free.


Neon Kactus was founded by Neil and Charlotte in the UK. With experience in the food and drinks industry, the couple set out to tackle single-use plastic, one reusable cup at a time.

Reusable glass coffee cup