Enjoy delicious, waste-free coffee with these reusable stainless steel filters, which are fine enough to remove even the smallest grounds. A steel filter is a great alternative to paper coffee filters which are thrown away and can't be recycled.


To use your filter, rest it in a teapot, mug or a bottle, fill it with ground coffee and pour your recently boiled water through. The coffee will seep through the grounds and drip through the filter, leaving you with a smooth hot drink.


These filters are dishwasher safe and made of food grade steel. They won't rust and won't give any metallic taste to your coffee. Each is made by workers in China who are paid twice the minimum wage and benefit from healthcare and a union.

Reusable coffee filter - Zero Waste Club

  • If coffee stains occur, simply use baking soda dissolved in warm water. Then gently scrub the coffee stains away.


    To keep your coffee filter in it's optimal condition, wash and dry the coffee filter after each use.


    This coffee filter should hopefully last many decades. When it does come to it’s end of life, simply put it in your metal recycling or upcycle the item using your own creativity.