Add colour, shade and shimmer to your eyes with these pearly eyeshadows by Zao. I love that they come entirely plastic-free.


For a subtle way to highlight your eyes, choose a very light colour and apply it around the outer V of your eyes. For a more complete look, choose a lighter colour for the entire eyelid, a medium colour for the outer corner of your eye and under your brow, and a thin line of dark eyeshadow along the contour of your eye.


Each eyeshadow comes in its own magnetic bamboo case which is refillable. If you'd like to choose your own palette, you might want to choose up to 4 refills and add them to our magnetic bamboo case.


Zao eyeshadows are talc-free and made with12% certified organic ingredients. They are vegan and cruelty free, with only certified sustainable palm oil derivatives.


Each bamboo case or refill contains 3g of eyeshadow.

Pearly eyeshadow - Zao

  • Pair your eyeshadow with a little compact powder to keep it in place and prevent it falling into the lines