Soap nuts are a natural laundry and cleaning detergent that have been used for centuries in India. They come unprocessed and are completely natural and hypoallergenic.


Not actually nuts, soap nuts are the shells of the Indian ritha tree. They naturally contain saponins which means they foam up in water. To wash a load of clothing, all you need to do is put 6 soap nuts inside a knotted bag or a sock. You can use the same soap nuts for three washes, then compost them.


Another tip for soap nuts is to use them to make a surface cleaner. Simply leave them in water overnight and the water will be soapy come the morning, ready to use around the house. We've also heard they make a good slug deterrent when the liquid is poured around your plants!


Our soap nuts are organic and ethically sourced. As a refill product, these come in a simple recycled paper bag.

Organic laundry soap nuts - Authentic House

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