Soap nuts are the shells of the fruit of the Indian ritha tree and can be used as an effective laundry soap, to make a surface cleaner or even to deter slugs in the garden! Naturally hypoallergenic and suitable to those with nut allergies (they are shells, not nuts), using soap nuts can help you avoid the harsh chemicals in conventional cleaning products. They are also very easy and fun to use!


These soap nuts are organic and sustainably sourced. They come in 200g or 400g, packed in recycled paper.

Organic laundry soap nuts

  • Place six soap nuts inside a cotton bag or a sock and knot or tie the bag tightly. Add these to the barrel of your washing machine and wash as normal.


    Your clothing will come out clean. The same six nuts can be used three times before they need to be composted - you can tell when the nuts get softer and less soapy. If you want to get a last use out of your soap nuts, boil them in water, cool and pour the water on your garden plants to deter slugs.


    Used for laundry, this bag will last you about four months depending on usage.

  • Soap nuts can make an effective cleaning spray.


    Either, fill a spray bottle with water and add some soap nuts inside. Leave for a week, after which the liquid will be soapy and can be used for cleaning.


    Or, boil soap nuts in water and then strain to create an instant cleaning liquid.