These organic, vegan moisturiser bars were made by Sam when she was working as a social worker in South Wales and found the gently melting texture helped to calm children. Scented with essential oils, the bars will melt on your skin and can be used to moisturise the body from top to toe. They're lovely to use and a great alternative to conventional, plastic-packaged moisturisers.


These moisturiser bars are in Zzzen scent, a calming blend of essential oils to help you relax and sleep well.


Weight 18g

Organic moisturiser bar from Ino-Scents

  • Hold the bar in your hands to warm it and apply to your skin. A little goes a long way!

  • Cocoa butter (Theobroma cacao), Shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), Mango butter (Mangifera indica), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) essential oils.