Stone paper feels different from the paper we're used to - it's waterproof, smooth and doesn't bleed or give paper cuts. It also has a purpose in making use of waste materials and saving energy, CO2 emissions, waste water and trees compared to making notebooks from wood pulp.


These pocket diaries are made with 80% calcium carbonate and 20% recycled HDPE in a factory powered by solar energy. At the end of your notebook's life, you can put it in the bin to be converted into energy, in the plastics bin for recycling or you can let it photodegrade... That means leaving it in the sunlight until all you have left is calcium carbonate powder - no microplastics are produced.


Choose from a single notebook or a set of 3.

A Good Company A6 notebook

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    • Perforated pages
    • It opens effortlessly and lies completely flat 
    • It’s water-resistant, preventing ink from bleeding through
    • It’s resistant to tearing and won’t cause paper cuts 
    • Contains no wood-pulp, no water and no added chemicals
    • A Cradle to Cradle certified product & printed with soy ink
    • Number of pages: 144