Kitchen Cleanser is a paste cleanser you can use to quickly clean all kitchen surfaces – granite, marble, wooden worktops, chrome, ceramics, tiles, plastics, paintwork, glass, stainless steel, pots and pans etc. It’s particularly good on induction hobs and range cookers where it leaves a deep, streak-free shine and it’s great for easily removing sticky finger marks without damaging paintwork.


A safe and non-toxic paste, it’s perfect for cleaning fridges, chopping boards, food containers and cooking equipment. It will also remove tarnish from silver and silver plated cutlery.


If you haven't tried the kitchen cleanser or bathroom balm before, you'll be surprised at just how effective they are! All Mangle & Wringer products are formulates with the help of a lifelong housekeeper, Bette, who made all her own cleaning products. Where extra cleaning power is needed, combine this with a spot of white vinegar or lemon juice.


300g tub, unscented.

Kitchen cleanser from Mangle & Wringer