This highly effective deodorant is made of naturally antibacterial potassium crystal.


Sweating is a natural function that regulates bodily temperature, but the build up of bacteria in sweat zones is what causes odour. This crystal deodorant slows the production of bacteria, while letting your skin perspire naturally.


The Biork crystal deodorant is vegan, hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. No animal testing has been involved. The stick does not contain aluminium chlorides.


The container is made of cork, which serves as a protective and breathable covering for the crystal. Cork is a renewable resource and its growth and harvesting helps to protect one of the most biologically diverse habitats in Portugal.


Contents: Crystal Stick 120g. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Crystal deodorant stick by Biork

  • Moisten the tip of the stick and glide it gently over the important areas.

    Remember to dry the stick with, i.e., a towel after use.