This concealer can help you reduce the appearance of imperfections and dark circles for a healthy and natural complexion.


Made using only plant-based ingredients, this concealer stick contains organic carnauba wax, candelilla wax and organic cocoa butter. It contains no talc or parabens, instead using micronised (not nanoparticle) silver as a non-toxic preservative.


Choose from 5 shades, depending on your skin type and needs:


491 - for fair skin with a yellow undertone to conceal under-eye circles

492 - for medium skin and neutral undertones

493 - for medium skin with a yellow undertone to conceal under-eye circles with a violet tinge

494 - for medium skin with an orange undertone to conceal under-eye circles with a blue tinge

499 - for all complexions, this shade corrects redness


Each concealer comes in a varnished bamboo case that is refillable. While refills aren't entirely plastic-free (due to health & safety), they reduce a lot of the plastic waste you would otherwise get with makeup and means supporting a brand working hard to challenge the beauty industry to become more eco-conscious.


  • 38% organic and 100% from ingredients of natural origin. 
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Contains a sustainably certified palm derivative (RSPO)
  • Refillable
  • Net weight- 3.5g

Concealer - Zao

  • For dark under-eye circles, apply at the inner corner of your eye and move along the edge of the circle, blending up towards your lower lashes.

    Apply concealer directly and blend using your finger - or use a brush for more precision.

    To hide a spot, choose a concealer in a darker shade than your skin tone to soften its appearance.