This is our first, hand-poured candle with a winter berries & cinnamon scent. The winter berries are juniper berries, cranberries and elderberries, evoking that transitional time between autumn and winter where sweet and fruity notes are matched with the warmth and earthiness of cinnamon.


These candles are made from coconut and soy wax. They come sprinkled with blue cornflower petals and berries (just make sure the berries don't come into contact with the flame).


We've used fragrance oils for these which are paraben, phthalate and petrochemical free, and our aim with future candles is to gain access to fragrances derived from waste materials, which are a sustainable alternative to the over-extraction of resources that can come with essential oils. In this way, our candles also have a strong fragrance throw, and can fill your room with their scent.


Choose from a 85g candle or a 185g candle in a rose gold tin. Each candle is handmade with love in the UK. All our candles are vegan and palm free.

Winter berries & cinnamon candle - Authentic House

  • Keep your candle in the room with you at all times and out of reach of children and animals. To get the most from your candle, make sure to let the wax pool completely over the surface of the candle the first time you use it, and trim back any burnt edges left on the wick before lighting it again.

  • When your candle wick is burnt out, place your candle in a double boiler or in a pan of boiling water (be careful not to let the contents of the candle get wet). When the wax melts, you can combine the wax from different used candles and simply add a new wick.


    The best way to suspend a wick above the wax is to use a clothes peg, or to punch a small hole in a piece of cardboard (like a loo roll) and use it to suspend the top end of the wick. Wait and your candle will eventually set, ready to reuse the rest of your wax.