These toothbrushes are designed by us and engraved with an affirmation to help you start and end each day. Choose from - Trust, Breathe, Dream, Grow, Believe, Pause.


Each toothbrush is made from Moso bamboo harvested in China, fed by rainwater and without pesticides. The bristles are made from 20% activated charcoal, 80% DuPont nylon. These are soft bristles, as recommended by dentists.


The chunky handle of our toothbrushes was chosen with the help of an award-winning designer for disabilities, making sure they're ergonomic in shape and easy to hold in your hand. The handle is biodegradable and home compostable.


The bristles can be recycled via TerraCycle. You can send the bristles from our toothbrushes back to us to recycle - send at least 10 and we'll give you a £3 voucher towards your next toothbrush, or anything else in our shop!

Affirmation toothbrush - Authentic House

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