About us

Alice started Authentic House when she realised that ethical living wasn't all solar panels and eco-homes. A lot of it was in the small stuff - our everyday decisions.

For me, it started with finding a fuzzy brush, made of coconut palm, that you could use to wash your dishes. It looked great, and it also could help you reduce your plastic and microplastic waste. I thought, if more people were aware of the options, who wouldn't want to choose eco-friendly alternatives like these?

I launched Authentic House in July 2018 as an eco-friendly subscription service to build a community around simple, positive changes that we can make month by month. Our roots are in Cardiff, and we source ideas and products from all over the UK and sometimes beyond.

Our aim is to keep you inspired on your path to ethical living.

Our ethos

At the heart, the values we'll share with you are:

  • Caring about our connection to the wider world

  • Keeping curious and learning each day

  • Being mindful and enjoying the present

We believe in keeping things practical and simple. Throughout the year, we'll take you on a journey through different areas of life and share with you ideas on how to approach them more sustainably.

These areas are:

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Housekeeping

  • Working day

  • Celebrating

  • Wildlife

Our impact

At the centre of everything we do at Authentic House is our purpose to make sustainable living inspiring – for you.

The UN has set out Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for a positive, sustainable future. Goal 12: ‘Responsible Production and Consumption’ is where our focus is, helping you to make new choices and discover alternatives to live in harmony with the planet, not against it.

We want to go further though, so that your commitment to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle and minimising our harm to the world also goes towards repairing existing damage. That’s why we donate from each subscription and gift box sold to plant trees.


We do this via Treeapp, which works in partnership with The Eden Projects and One Tree Planted to plant trees around the world where they will make the most difference. This could mean planting to protect marine wildlife in Madagascar to preventing natural disasters in Nepal. All trees planted are native to the country and multiple species are planted to prevent monocultures, all on land that has been secured into perpetuity.


 Take a look at our tree counter at the top of the page to see how many trees we've planted - the number goes up every month.

Our partners and stockists

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